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Josh Mcguigan
A collection of thoughts from Josh Mcguigan

Investigating slow incremental no-change Rust builds

15 December, 2021

Finding and (maybe) fixing a source of rustup overhead

Troubleshooting a stuck process

28 February, 2021

Quick first steps for troubleshooting a Linux process that seems to be stalled

Switching from Fedora & Gnome to Arch & Sway

18 June, 2020

My thoughts after a week of using Arch and Sway

The Cost of Indirection

29 February, 2020

The performance cost of various methods of indirection in Rust

Blue-Green Deployments and Immutable Infrastructure

11 January, 2020

A look at how and why I've automated my infrastructure deployments

Low-cost Infrastructure Monitoring

28 December, 2019

Cheap and flexible infrastructure monitoring using GitHub issues and Heroku

Run Your Own Authoritative DNS Servers

21 December, 2019

Learn about a critical internet system by runing your own authoritative name servers

Understanding Serde

17 November, 2019

A look inside a high performance serialization library

Coverage Reports as a Code Reading Tool

20 August, 2019

Using kcov and pycobertura to find the source code behind a particular behavior

Shell Completions in Pure Rust

12 May, 2019

Add support for shell completions to your Rust CLI applications without writing Bash

Combine Results for Improved Rust Validation Logic

23 February, 2019

Introducing multi_try: a crate for safely combining Rust Result types

Custom Exit Status Codes with ? in main

09 February, 2019

An exploration of the Try and Termination traits

Methods for Array Initialization in Rust

22 December, 2018

The surprising complexity behind array initialization in Rust

Build Your Own Shell using Rust

17 November, 2018

Writing a simple shell using Rust

Minimum Presentable Product - A Precursor to MVP

25 October, 2018

If you are waiting until an MVP is complete before getting feedback, you are waiting too long

A FizzBuzzy Tour of Traits in Rust

13 August, 2018

Exploring traits from the Rust standard library by implementing FizzBuzz five different ways

BetaFPV F3 Drone Flight Controller - Board Support Crate

31 July, 2018

A Rust crate for the BetaFPV F3 drone flight controller

TSL256X Light Intensity Sensor Driver

15 July, 2018

Writing a second embedded Rust driver taught me that there is still much to be standardized within the community

BetaFPV F3 Drone Flight Controller - Hello Rust

11 July, 2018

Running a Rust binary on the BetaFPV F3 drone flight controller


05 July, 2018

A guide for creating a new Rust project targeting the STM32F3DISCOVERY development board

Shift Register Driver

04 July, 2018

Creating a driver as part of the embedded Rust weekly driver initiative